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Teemew is the Virtual offices and interactive events solution, accessible from PC and Mac.

It gives the sense of being together with other people, and the feeling of belonging to a group or a company. Teemew recreates, from a distance, the lost team spirit.

Go now on Teemew, the corporate metaverse, now!

Natural human interactions in the office

Virtual offices

Virtual offices and meeting rooms, available 24/7, from 2 to 10.000 people, as if you were really there.

Team meetings

Interactive workshops, up to 60 participants. Manage a session, exchange, share documents and ideas, without moving from your desk!

Onboarding & formations

Organise and run your conferences
in virtual presence. Communicate and interact with thousands of viewers.

They use Teemew

They use Teemew

The Teemew experience at Virtuality has come to an end, with over 3,000 visitors, an average connection time of 40 minutes, and over 20,000 audio conversations. Over 3 days, visitors and exhibitors experienced virtual presence.

Olivier Godest

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The formula with realistic and accomplished avatars and the support of the team were key elements in the success of our virtual youth lounge. The exchanges were more participative and active than in a classic video conference.

Véronique Balthasart

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This was a great victory for us: bringing together more than 1,500 participants over 5 evenings with some 40 exhibitors at 9 different stands! The average time spent was 2 hours and everyone visited all the stands. In short, the objective set was greatly exceeded!

Laurent Hénichart
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What will make your metaverse unforgettable

Virtual space

Choose from a list both size and style of your different spaces and share a Corporate Metaverse that is fitting your company.


Photorealistic avatars: generate your avatar from your photo, enjoy spatialized sound, and experience the sense of presence!


Meeting people, as if you were actually with them: unexpected or planned, in halls or in dedicated spaces, public or private.


Be together whatsoever your group size, from 2 to 10.000 people!


Warrant confidentiality of all your exchanges in a 100% secured environment. Invite selected people in dedicated private spaces.


Collect numerous stats to assess your metaverse ROI: number of active participants, connection times, most visited spaces, etc.

Build your own metaverse, permanent or temprary

Permanent metaverse, your virtual offices.

  • Personalized spaces, up to your own corporate brand.

  • Hosting and maintenance.
  • Many styles of halls and offices, from a selection of 20+ existing designs, available within a day.

  • Creation of tailored metaverse, thanks to Teemew design team.

Temporary metaverse, your virtual events.

  • Set up of an event, branded for your company, for any number of days.

  • Hosting and maintenance.
  • Avatar creation with business suit.

  • On-demand feature development.

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