Virtual Event Platform

With Teemew, the virtual creates the event! Teemew is the immersive virtual event solution.
It gives each person the feeling of being with everyone else. Your virtual events become memorable, shared experiences.

The solution to digitalise your events

Trade shows

Welcome thousands of visitors and
exhibitors virtually to your trade
show via their PC/Mac/
Oculus Quest headset.


Run your workshops remotely
in virtual presence.
Post your documents and videos
and give your participants a voice,
in small groups.


Organise and run your conferences
in virtual presence.
Communicate and interact with
thousands of viewers.

They created their event with Teemew

They created their event with Teemew

The Teemew experience at Virtuality has come to an end, with over 3,000 visitors, an average connection time of 40 minutes, and over 20,000 audio conversations. Over 3 days, visitors and exhibitors experienced virtual presence.

Olivier Godest

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The formula with realistic and accomplished avatars and the support of the team were key elements in the success of our virtual youth lounge. The exchanges were more participative and active than in a classic video conference.

Véronique Balthasart

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This was a great victory for us: bringing together more than 1,500 participants over 5 evenings with some 40 exhibitors at 9 different stands! The average time spent was 2 hours and everyone visited all the stands. In short, the objective set was greatly exceeded!

Laurent Hénichart
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Features that will make your events unforgettable

Virtual space

Choose the size and style of the rooms from a catalogue and share your reconstructed virtual space.


Photorealistic avatars: generate your avatar from your photo, enjoy spatialized sound, and experience the sense of presence!


The meeting as if you were attending from your living room: spontaneous or planned, in the lobbies, around a table, at a stand or in a workshop.


Organise your events whatever the number of participants expected… from 10 to 10,000!


A secure environment to ensure your events are held properly and exchanges are confidential.


Collect numerous statistics to evaluate the ROI of your event: number of participants, contacts made, connection time, venues visited…

Build your digital events

Built your event


  • Hosting, maintenance, training
  • Hall and auditorium
  • Customised stands: logo, colours, posters and video
  • 3 stand sizes: 10, 20, 30 simultaneous visitors
  • 5 styles: Neon, Zen, Corporate, Atrium & Campus

Virtual event


  • Creation of customised stands and personalised layout
  • Creation of 3D objects to be visualised on the stand
  • Creation of avatars with corporate dress code
  • Development of customised features

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