Create an event with Teemew

Discover the features that will transform your events!

Customizing your Avatar

  • You can choose the gender of your character
  • To make your avatar photorealistic, Teemew generates your face in 3D simply by using a photo of yourself.
  • If you don’t have a photo available, you can choose between several faces by default
  • Select your hairstyle, facial hair features, glasses, etc. if you wish
  • Choose your outfit according to your tastes and desires: type of clothing, shoes, colours, etc

Audio conversations

  • You can have natural conversations with all your contacts, at any time and anywhere in the room
  • In chat rooms, the sound is spacialised: you hear the person according to where they are sitting in relation to you
  • To enhance the feeling of immersion, your avatar moves when you speak


  • A very complete chat set-up, with private or group conversations
  • Several actions are possible in the chat: adding a person to the conversation, downloading a business card, blocking or reporting the person in case of concern
  • In each space, there is a public chat facility for addressing everyone


  • Take advantage of a reception area where hosts and hostesses can guide you and answer your questions
  • Interact with another person by clicking on their Avatar and adding them to your contacts
  • In the lobby, organisers can make general announcements


  • Showrooms are available in several sizes and styles
  • Choose the style of showroom that suits you: neon for a tech world, nature for a zen and streamlined world, and corporate for a more professional world etc.
  • The showrooms offer several areas: reception, presentation room for 12 people, discussion areas, private meetings by invitation, etc.

Display screen

  • Display screens allow you to view videos, photos, or PDFs to learn more about the exhibitor
  • Participants can like, download or share content that interests them

Presentation area

  • The presenter can share various content
  • Participants can request to speak by pressing the hand icon
  • The presenter can give the floor to those who request it


  • You can register on the calendar
  • You can see upcoming presentations: a notification will tell you when the event you have registered for is about to start
  • You can teleport directly to the auditorium
  • Once in the auditorium, the conference is hosted by one or more presenters who speak and share content
  • You interact with the presenters via written chat

Workshop area

  • A platform allows speakers to broadcast the same information to all participants
  • To work in small groups, groups can gather around tables each equipped with a screen


  • Access all the statistics of your event via a dedicated interface: number of users, user activity, shared media.
  • The information is anonymous and protected, giving you visibility on the relevance of the different virtual spaces.