Bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ)

The Bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ) from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, gives each year multiple opportunities to thousands of young people.
They chose Teemew to continue their work and have more impact.

An essential mission

As a state enterprise, The BIJ is tasked to help young Belgians to carry out their project. They show them existing opportunities and help them choose within those. Whether it be learning a language, following a class, a training or volunteering, or even lead a citizen project. They also inform them on finance aspects and support them in their practical steps.

Being virtual opens to new possibilities

The health crisis of 2020 had discouraged a part of the young population. The work of the BIJ was even more important, then. The youth needed to be able to come together, and to be given future perspectives, a direction. The BIJ then appealed to Manzalab’s know how and chose Teemew, a virtual event solution. This is how Horizons was born, a 100% virtual and 100% interactive event. Teemew made possible for the participants to be at conferences, to participate in activities, and most of all, communicate live, feel each other’s presence. In short, regain a well-needed human interaction.

An unforgettable

immersive experience

Avatar’s customization and realism made the experience more immersive and more engaging. Thus, virtual exchanges were naturally more participative and active than during a classic Visio conference. The diversity of the locations created, and features offered generated an important amount of content sharing. For three days, various activities, under specific themes offered to young people concrete propositions to support their mobility projects. In contact with around fifty partners, participants were able to discover and share about the possibility of improving their skills and lead their entrepreneurial or associative projects.

Success numbers

Here are the numbers gathered after the virtual event attesting to its success:
    • 250 activities on the 3 day-event.
    • 91 % of the registered visitors, attended the event.
    • More than 700 visitors connected.
    • An increase of subscription on the BIJ’s social networks and newsletters.
    The BIJ received multiple positive feedbacks:
    • The event conveyed a positive image of youth in the media.
    • Many participants then proceeded to contact the BIJ to have more information.
    • There was an increase of subscription on the BIJ’s social networks and newsletters.
    The press made glowing reviews, for example titling: “Horizons: a 2.0 event to open up future perspectives to the youth” (Le Soir), “Horizons, an exhibition with a name announcing … future perspectives” (La Libre) and highlighting its innovative character: “the event is quite original, it’s a mix of virtual world and video game” (RTBF). In summary, the BIJ’s expectations on their first 100% virtual event were exceeded.